Famous wildlife photographer. Chairman of the interregional public organization Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers.

Eric Hosking Portfolio Award winner in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the industry's most prestigious contest.


Sevenfold finalist and winner of the international Golden Turtle photo contest (2006–2012).


Award panel member of the X Anniversary Golden Turtle photo contest in 2016.


Since 2018, Ambassador of the Golden Turtle photo contest.


Author of the album “Wildlife World: Amazing Mongolia”, winning ASKI's The Best Books of the Year contest in 2011 and marked with UNESCO diploma “For Contribution to Intercultural Dialogue”.


Member of the first ever orbital photo exhibition sponsored by the Russian Geographical Society. Vladimir's video clip and photos, together with selected works from the Golden Turtle contest, were flown to the International Space Station in 2013.

Founder of WLP Club.


Photocompas podcast host (2012–2013).

Star of many solo exhibitions in Russia as well as abroad.

Vladimir Medvedev's works are also featured in private collections.



Golden Turtle (Russia)


•  Plant (winner) 2007

•  Landscape (winner) 2012

•  Best Photo of Russian Nature 2009 - Birds

•  Best Photo of Russian Nature 2012 - Landscape

WildLife Photographer of the Year (London)


•  Eric Hosking Portfolio Award 2012 г


WildLife Photographer of the Year Award Ceremony
Natural History Museum, London


Books and albums

Vladimir Medvedev
Wildlife World: Amazing Mongolia 

The album won the contest of the Russian Publishers Association (ASKI) and got UNESCO diploma “For Contribution to Intercultural Dialogue”.
400 pages, large size, hundreds of photos. It took the author a lot of effort to capture Mongolia's culture and the beauty of its untamed nature — and the result is this great book. You can hardly take the album in at one go — you’d want to get back to it again and again.

Format: 20 x 30 cm, 400 pages

Printed copies: 1,000 [sold out]

Vladimir Medvedev
Magical Canada

A collector's edition timed with the opening of the author's exhibition at the National Gallery on Solyanka Street in 2015. Flawless execution, top quality print work. The album uses a special flat spread technology, which does not compromise the photos at the creases. This allowed for the unbeatable 35.5 x 63 cm print size for maximum resolution.

Vladimir Medvedev's album will be the gem of your coffee table collection, allowing you to revisit your favorite exhibition pieces over and over again. The delight is both visual and intellectual: each photo comes with a detailed description. Some of them take you backstage, unveiling the details of the master's work. Others offer philosophical observations Vladimir shares with his readers.

Format: 31.5 x 35.5 cm, 78 pages 

Printed copies: 30 [sold out]

Vladimir Medvedev

Beautiful Russia

A book dedicated to the author’s love for the most unusual country of all, its vast expanses and amazing landscapes. Vladimir has an acute sense of the world and nature; he can find an off-beat perspective for each little nook of our country. See Russia through the eyes of the best photographer out there — one who has spent over 12 years to depict its unique beauty!

Format: 30 x 31.4 cm, 152 pages 

Printed copies: 3000

Publishing house: Eksmo